Monday, August 25, 2008

My Golden Birthday--August 25, 2008

WOW! Today, I celebrate the 50th Anniversary of my birth, which was actually Monday, August 25, 1958. This is my "Golden Birthday."
My name is Vanessa Felice (Sanders) Church

I was born in Chicago, Illinois at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke Hospital to the union of Elton Sanders, Jr. & Naomi James Sanders--Crane High School sweethearts. My proud grandparents were: Elton Sanders, Sr. & Lois Holloway Sanders; along with Lewis James, Sr. & Ruby Farmer James. At the time of my birth my paternal grandmother, Lois, commented that she had never seen a child whose eyes were as large as mine. She also felt the need to point out that I appeared to have understanding beyond my infant status, therefore "She musta been here before;" and finally, "She shole is black--but she cute, tho."
My mama called me last night on August 24th (Golden Birthday eve) and described how cute and voluptuous she was just prior to my birth. She recalled that she was particularly proud of the new bra size she commanded as a result of her natural breast augmentation due to pregnancy. She continued to stroll down memory lane and pictured herself wearing of a black & white maternity top and how cute she looked in it. I thanked her for carrying me to term. In 1958 there were already steps you could take in order to get rid of a child. How courageous my mother was as a teenaged woman to endure public ridicule at the discovery by the school of a hidden preganancy and marriage;and to face expulsion, rather than to simply abort me. My mother says she never wanted to. I am so thankful to Jesus to be alive 50 years later.
I am the first-born of five children born to my parents; the first grandchild born to my paternal grandparents; and the 3rd-born grandchild born to my maternal grandparents. I am the mother of 6 children and the grandmother of 6 children.

Today I am so thankful and grateful to be in the world, on top of the soil, in my right mind, for such a time in history as this one. I have met many wonderful, ordinary people, with extraordinary talents and gifts; some possessing celebrity status--some not. I have traveled across the nation and overseas to many foreign countries. I like animals--but I LOVE people. Truly we are God's most interesting handiwork. What I have discovered is that we are all linked and there is a commonality that is deeper than culture, language, ethnicity, economic status, complexion, or geography; we are all made by God in HIS image which makes us 'all that'--and a bag of chips!

"I sing because I'm happy; I sing because I'm free. HIS eye is on the sparrow; and I know HE watches me."