Monday, November 10, 2008

Senator Obama Goes to Washington--Next on Cribs...

After taking his daughters to school and a morning workout, President-elect Barack Obama headed to O'Hare International Airport this morning for a trip Washington to meet President Bush at the White House.
How normal of a morning is that? he is excited because he has never been to the White House. I haven't either, but my girlfriend, Princess Zulu has.

Last night, me and two of my girlfriends decided to drive to the Hyde Park neighborhood where he lives just so we could see what the changes are.
Beginning two blocks north of his home on a quiet residential street, there were news trucks lining both sides. For this neighborhood--that's not normal. As we inched closer to where he lives the headlights began to reflect the barricades that block entrance to his block. men dressed in black approached each vehicle. I had my girlfriend turn off the street so we wouldn't have to go thru the search procedures. They are serious about protecting President-elect Obama and his family--I'm glad about that.