Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Cool is the Idea of an Obama White House?

America, Look at this picture. This is a perfectly balanced photograph. It is equal in all ways--including the status' of the two men who are in the picture.
Hold Up--wait a minute. I am reacting in a very curious manner I am totally interested in everything about this White House power transition as if somehow I have a personal stake in its success. And why don't I hate Michelle Obama? I have never been a 'hater' historically--but if I were going to become one now, it would be understandable wouldn't it, America?

Look at these two World Leaders--Bush and Obama.
What are they talking about? It is reported that President Elect Obama commented that the Oval Office was "nice". And what about the 'bat-phone'--aka the Presidential hotline? If it rings at 3 AM in the Oval Office, how will the president hear it? Is that why Sen. Hillary kept referring to the 3AM call? Did she know from experience that President Elect Obama could never hear it ringing because her hubby, President Bill Clinton couldn't either?
America, Isn't this a cool group shot? Doesn't Michelle look stunning in that red dress and heels? Don't the Bushs look elated? Could it be that they are ready to get the hell outta Dodge?

Look at how comfortable Michelle Obama looks 'cold chillin' in this room. Aren't you glad that the Obamas already have lived in a mansion and won't have to feel as though they're movin on up like 'George and Weezy'? What are these two women discussing? What if living at the White House were optional and not mandatory?
Wouldn't it be cool if at the end of the day Michelle was telling Laura Bush that she felt that this house was just way too big and museum-like (55,000 sq ft) and that the furnishngs were just too old and antiquated (needing about $5 or $6 million in rehab) just to come up to MTV's Cribs status; therefore she wasn't feeling it?
What if Michelle wanted the option of having a new White House built altogether in a different more exclusive neighborhood? What if she were appalled and taken aback by all the indigent and homeless people that camp around the White House in the parks and benches near there?
Wouldn't it be cool if all of the richest people they know donated money to have this new White House built for them as a tribute to Pres. Obama's Change legacy? And what if everyone who voted for him gave $5 towards new furniture? Now how unique and sharp would the interior of that house be? And if it were built for the Obamas specifically with private money they would never have to move--even after 8 years, right? Wouldn't that be cool?

President Bush and President-Elect Barack Obama take a brisk stroll down the Collunade to the West Wing of the White House where the Oval Office is located. As I watched the two men strolling I couldn't help but notice Barack's 'ball-playa' swagger. That man put the 'C' in confident, class and the'C' in cool. He's so in tune with how he should play his role as the Leader of the 'Free World' (will someone tell me why America is called that?) that he is wearing the customary power blue tie. Men, take note--President Barack Hussein Obama is a trendsetter who is bringing Change and sexy back to the White House.
I love this guy!