Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Governor Palin--May I call you, Sarah?

While 'chillaxin' in Wasilla, Alaska, (a place most of the world had never heard of until someone discovered it hiding under a rock this past August) Governor Sarah Palin says she wouldn't hesitate to run for the presidency in 2012--if (and only if) it's God's will.

Palin also said that she resents rumors that were spread about she and her family during the campaigns by staff of Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain.

She has said that she thinks that the economic collapse had "a heck of a lot more to do with the Republican campaign collapse than me personally."

"I'm like, Okay, God, if there's an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray--don't let me miss the open door."
Governor Palin--May I call you Sarah? Can I be real with you--woman to woman?
The fact that you are back in Alaska, chillin' instead of planning a move to Washington, D.C. could be seen as a sign from God to you--Stay home, Sarah.

I do not believe that you will be prepared to run the United States in 2012 or 2016 or as long as you have underage children. As a Christian and a Mom, I took exception at your even wasting the citizens of the United States' time when it was obvious that your family plate and the responsibilities as governor were all that you could handle.

At the moment you have an unwed teenage daughter, a young daughter and a special needs child. God gave you these responsibilities. This is your open door. Take this opportunity to walk through it and appreciate your job as a mother.
I, for one are happy to see you go home. God works in mysterious ways.

Barack's election night pics

Greetings from "Obamaville"!
These personal Election nite pics were sent to me and they are real cool. Enjoy!