Thursday, February 5, 2009

Suspension of Michael Phelps and other Hypocritical acts...

Am I the only one who has a problem with Michael Phelp's 3-month suspension from swim competition because a photo of him smoking pot at a party in South Carolina surfaced?

I am not trying to say that his use of marijuana should go unaddressed but are we delving just a wee bit too far into everybody's lives? This wasn't steroids--it was pot, people.
Many young adults and old heads too, smoke it occasionally or regularly--or used to.
Why did he need to be suspended from swimming for this indescretion?
Society and the media created this squeaky clean image of Phelps. We have no clue just how long he's been smoking pot. Isn't he the same World Champ?

Who exactly is Illinois' Governor Pat Quinn?

Do we really know who has replaced the former "man of the hour" as Governor of the State of Illinois? How do we know that he is the better fit? Was he loyal to former Governor Blagojevich for the past six years? Did he have his back? There is a saying that holds true that a great leader is a great follower too. Was he a comrade or a renegade? I have noticed that he is great friends with Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley. Is he a part of "the machine?"
Inquiring minds want to know...