Thursday, December 11, 2008

O.J. given 9 years to reflect in Las Vegas as VIP guest of Nevada

Clark District Court Judge Jackie Glass was crystal clear as she sentenced former football star, O.J. Simpson to serve at least 9 years in the Nevada prison system. He was recently found gulty on 12 counts that included gunpoint robbery and kidnapping of two sports memorabilia dealers in a LasVegas hotel.
His argument was that the materials that the men were trying to sell to him belonged to him and were stolen from him. He basically was simply trying to get his own property back.

O.J., you have been watching too much t.v to believe that rounding up a group of thuggish, ruggish types and attempting to take something at gunpoint would go unnoticed. You are a high profile celebrity. Everything you do is newsworthy.

Wasn't it enough to get off scott-free for a murder conviction that most folks thought you committed? Why have you pressed your luck with these folks? So, now you will have plenty of time to pen your heartfelt 'born-again' testimony.

This time however, I hope you will have a real change of heart.