Thursday, June 12, 2008

Forbes Magazine Names Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Wood Most Powerful Celebrities

Atta girl, Oprah! Atta boy Tiger!
Today Forbes Magazine released the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrity List and who tops the list but my girl, "O" and my boy, "Tiger" for the 2nd year in a row!
It seems that money earning power wasn't the only thing taken into account, according to Matthew Miller of Forbes Magazine.
The pair were also crowned king and queen of the list because of their high profile internet presence, large number of press clippings, magazine covers, and mentions on tv and radio. In 2007 Oprah earned a mere $275 million and Woods a paltry $115 million.
Also named in the top ten were newlyweds, Beyonce Knowles and her hubby,rap mogul and entrepreneur, Shawn Carter aka JayZ. Knowles earned only $80 million in 2007 and Carter $82 million (it's obvious they didn't marry for money).
The 2008 Most Powerful Celebrity list contained 20 film actors, 20 athletes, 10 musicians, 10 talk show hosts, 10 tv actors,5 director/producers, 5 celebrity personalites, 4 authors, 4 hip-hop impesarios, 4 chefs and 3 fashion models.

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