Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Taste of Chicago Sucks

Yesterday, I attempted to participate in Chicago's largest annual festival, The Taste of Chicago. I had intentionally waited until the day before the last day. I hate crowds-period. The Taste is in essence simply a giant crowd with the potential of somebody spilling some food on my clothes and having me 'snap' on that fool who accidently did it.
Everybody who knows me knows I hate the Taste. Nevertheless, I agreed to meet my girlfriend, Dee Dee downtown so that we could trip out a minute and eat together. I was traveling by bus and ended up late meeting her due to a mishap.

When I finally arrived people were everywhere!There appeared to be utter and total chaos (although there probably wasn't) because there were so many people. I took a few pics and startd to get agitated because of the crowds.

Dee Dee and I finally hooked up but I couldn't take the crowds and ended up leaving. My conclusion is that while the prmise is very lucative for the food vendors, its very inconvenient for attendees.
Some people were smoking cigarettes, pushing strollers in the middle of the already crowded main strip, and pushing their bikes through the shoulder-to shoulder-crowd.

I did not enjoy folks' food coming so close to my clothes and standing so close to people I didn't know. It probably would have been more fun in a smaller setting. The Taste of Chicago sucked.

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