Thursday, September 4, 2008

When your girlfriend is a Princess: Royalty has its privledges

Meet Princess Kasune Zulu, My friend from Zambia, Africa. I first met her in 2002. I realized at that time that she is the first-born daughter I never birthed.
Since the time of our first meeting up to today, I have enough to say about her that I could actually start a blog just about her and her exploits! Suffice to say that she is a queen among young women. She is smart, saavy and very special. She is a newlywed and a mommy. And there is absolutely no end to how God will use her to change this world.
Last week she was in St. Paul working with First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain and addressing Republican delegates; the week before she was in Denver working with Michelle Obama and Mrs. Biden, and addressing the Democratic delegates.
Here she is shown accepting a kiss from the leader of the "free world," President George W. Bush in the Rose Garden of the White House in 2004. I remember asking her how it felt to meet privately with and talk to Pres Bush, General Colin Powell, and then Sec. of Health, Tommy Thompson in a closed door meeting at the White House to discuss HIV and AIDS appropriations for Africa.
She replied, "Why dahling (she's so British), what do you mean? Each day I speak directly to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords." Should I be overly impressed to speak to anyone after that?" I just shook my head at her answer--She's amazing.

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