Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Wishes...Happy Birthday, Jesus!

It's been 2 days since the official birthday of Jesus Christ of Nazereth. This was really the very first year that I didn't take hard earned money earmarked for bills and other stuff--and spend it on others for Jesus' birthday.

I truly have the Christmas Spirit this year. I saw my three grandchildren, Anthony, Antoine and Candace who live in Illinois on the 25th. I spoke with my first-born son, Ali. My 5th born son, Curtiss gave me a set of 3 books by Dr. Suess--first time he bought a gift un-coerced. I love him for his thoughtfulness and his own love for books. My 2nd born-son gave me a lovely card. I cried when I read the sentiments. My grandson, Jaheim sent me a great card from Florida.

I spoke with my mother who informed me that my daughter was pregnant. What a wonderful surprise gift. I wish my daughter had told me.

I saw my friend Terri and her wonderful family--and I ate like a queen at her mom's house.

Thank you Jesus. This was a season of firsts and reunions. This is the reason for the season.

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