Saturday, December 12, 2009

Other Golfers Stand to benefit from Tiger's Saga

Okay. I tried not to say anything, but I just can't help myself from jumping in on the media frenzy of the "Tiger Woods Saga of 2009", my title for this historical trivia on events in his personal life.
His bowing out of professional golf indefinitely to concentrate on family, finally gives a way for other marginally talented professional golfers to shine from under his shadow. Tiger Woods is already the greatest golfer ever to play the sport.
Since Tiger removed himself from the competition, the mediocrity of the other players can look like awesome talents. With Tiger Woods in the game, everyone--no matter what skill level, looked amateurish.
Society would have Tiger believe that he needs public forgiveness--he really doesn't, but it is politically incorrect not to display some sort of remorse for being publicly exposed for marital infidelity. He has asked for privacy--he won't get it because his story is hot right now and sells ads in all media outlets.
There have been many men to be publicly humiliated by the press for bad choices...somehow very few have remained in the news indefinitely. Tiger won't either. Stop hating, you haters!

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