Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey Michael Jordan! Happy Birthday to the Greatest Player in NBA history

Today, February 17th, marks the 26th anniversary of Michael Jordan's 21st birthday--that makes him 47 years old, fine as frog's hair, and still getting paid as a result of an outstanding basketball career and business saavy.
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player that has ever played the game--in my book. I'd never heard of him while he was a college baller, but I remember when I first saw him play as a rookie Chicago Bull, I said to myself, "Self, he's got the longest tongue I've ever seen." I'll bet quite a few women thought that...
And he never missed an opportunity to let folks see it hanging out as he sailed through the air over opponents and slammed backboards left and right. In fact, most of the action shots and posters show him gliding through the air--tongue hanging out with an air of victory boldly displayed in his body language and on his face. I like Michael Jordan cuz he laughed alot while he played and it was obvious that he loved the game of basketball.

I am impressed with everything about Michael Jordan's sports career, including the fact that he went to play professional baseball mid-career, and that he is currently attempting to purchase the Charlotte Bobcats basketball franchise.

There is a site called, The Evolution of Michael Jordan and there I found a list of
"10 things I bet you didn't know about Michael Jordan"
1.) He won 6 championships in his basketball career.
2.) He was 5 times voted regular season Most Valuable Player
3.) His career scoring average is 30.1
4.) He played in 172 games and scored more than 40 points in each
5.) He scored 50 or more points in 39 games
6.) He earned 10 scoring titles
7.) He retired 3 times
8.) He was awarded 2 Olympic Gold medals
9.) He scored 32,292 regular season points
10) He is listed as #1 of the 50 Greatest players in NBA history
Will there ever be another NBA player as great as Michael Jordan? No.

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