Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unsafe Thrifty Bargains...

Her Royal Highness prides herself on being a 'Thrift-store' Queen, who believes there is hardly anything she wouldn't purchase used however, USA Today recently published a list of 20items that shouldn't be purchased used. Here are the items:

1. Cribs and children's furniture

2. Car seats

3. Bicycle helmets

4. Tires

5. Laptops

6. Software

7. Plasma and HD TVs

8. DVD players

9. Digital and video cameras

10. Speakers and microphones

11. Camera lenses

12. Photo light bulbs

13. Mattresses and bedding

14. Swimsuits and undergarments

15. Wet suits

16. Shoes

17. Hats

18. Makeup

19. Pet supplies

20. Vacuum cleaners

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