Monday, June 16, 2008

"Favor Ain't Fair: RKelly Acquitted On All 14-Counts"

Okay! Okay, I admit I was as wrong as two left shoes in my prediction of RKelly's eventual relocation into one of Illinois' state correctional facilities after the jury deliberated last Friday. It was bad enough that it was Friday the 13th--a day seen as bad luck, and I'd already pictured him in the obligatory orange jumpsuit with his hair braided, of course. I'd also pictured the eventual video that he would make after his release from prison in about June 2013. You could have bought me with a nickel when he was acquitted.

He would go on to hush all of his naysayers when on Friday, June 13, 2008, Robert Sylvester Kelly was acquitted on all charges of Child Pornography stemming from a video tape that was turned over to police in 2002, depicting a man and a girl having sex. The man was believed to be RKelly and the girl was believed to be an under-aged minor.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the acquittal was due to the facts. The facts are that the prosecution obviously forgot to bring their 6-year-old case with them to court. In this event, the defense team headed by Samuel Adam, Jr., proceeded to discredit and cast doubts about the credibility of every witness that testified for the prosecution and even with the authenticity of the video tape. It was a purely "Johnny Cochran-ish" style of defense. The kind that unbelievable acquittals are made of.

Well, I personally have always thought that this kid from Chicago's Southside had the "favor of God" on his life. He's had unbelievable success in the music business despite the fact that 'bitter water runs out of the same fountain as sweet water with him'.
Let me explain. I am a fan of "I Believe I Can Fly" and "The World's Greatest"-- two songs I absolutely adore that he wrote and were both popular crossover hits. His voice is melodic and classically trained. He sings in other languages, reads music and is talented beyond belief.

How then can he use these same gifts to sing about some of the most disrespectful subjects and have them blasted on the airwaves? He is a father with daughters. Some of his material goes way beyond the scope of decency and is totally "R" rated and "X"rated music that he's written from the same pen (so to speak)as the songs that children embrace. He refers to himself as the "Pied Piper"--a mythical character who played music and led a group of children to their demise. How ironic.

Well, RKelly, the world plans and God plans too. It was reported that after each acquittal was read you said, "Thank you, Jesus." They also reported that you cried. I admonish you to be aware that "not guilty" is not the same as "innocent."
When I was a little girl my daddy warned me that unless I was interested in becoming a Supreme Court Justice, that I needed to get out of the judging bizness.
I am not judging you, but I am suggesting that perhaps this episode in your life was so that you may be humbled. You could afford the justice you received. I am certain that you prayed for favor with the jury and the judge. It seems you received both. Remember my friend, "Favor ain't fair."

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