Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor Fields:A Biker Laid to Rest in Grand Style

On Saturday, June 28, 2008, a brother-friend of mine, Trevor Fields, was laid to rest in a homegoing service that was second to none.When I arrived at the service, which was held at Carter Temple CME Church in Chicago, I was greeted by a sea of bikers wearing colors that seemed to represent every black MotorCycle Club in the Chi-town.

Trevor, it seems was a part of the Red Liners MC. Their colors are red & black. There were many men and women Red Liners who came out to pay their respects. It was very touching and I'm sure his family was very happy to see such an awesome show of support from his friends and those persons who cared enough to put a comma in their day to celebrate the life of this young man. They say that it appeared to be over 200 bikers in his processional, in addition to the many cars.

I never knew Trevor loved motorcycle riding, which means I never really knew Trevor. I've known who Trevor Fields was only casually for 12 years. I knew his parents, William & Brenda Fields better than I knew him; but I knew he was their son whom they loved dearly.

I love motorcycles too. Trevor was killed in a motorcycle accident while riding his motorcycle on the Bishop Ford expressway in Chicago. Trevor was wearing his helmut, but in this instance it didn't help him. He died from mostly bodily injuries.

The news accounts I read were very tragic.I am the mother of four sons. I feel Brenda's pain at the sudden loss of one of her only two sons. When I saw her at the funeral I could only say, "I love you."

On July 5th, William and Brenda's son, Trevor would have celebrated the 36th anniversary of his birth. I know that this will be a very hard day for the Fields' family.

Trevor, I celebrate your life today. I am glad that you lived. I am glad that you knew how it felt to be 'one with the wind.' I am glad for the life of your daughter; I am happy that you had many friends and folks who loved you. I am glad that you had the parents that you had, and most of all I am glad that you knew Jesus for yourself.

Now, ain't that good news?

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