Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Jackson Turns 50!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! You Make 50 look Great!
I am 4 days older than Michael Jackson. I first saw him when we were 10 years old, in Chicago at the Regal Theatre. The Jackson 5 were appearing with other Motown acts. I can't tell you who they were--but of the five boys I saw I never forgot Michael. I remember they performed "I Got the Feeling" by James Brown. Michael was the youngest and most talented.

The next time I saw Michael Jackson in person we were 14 years old. The J5 were performing at Chicago's Black Expo at the Amphitheater. The Commodores opened for them. I simply adored the show. I briefly met Michael and his brothers. I determined at that time I would marry him. During my teenage years I papered my bedroom walls with pics of he and his brothers. I stopped posting his pics at about 17, but continued following his music career. I had to be his biggest fan. I still wanted to marry him.

He recorded the "Off the Wall" album and his look changed dramatically. His talent was the same but with every new album his outer appearance changed drastically. He was so unrecognizable that I finally determined that I would not be marrying him after all--he seemed too "pretty" to be a husband.

Michael Jackson has had a phenomenal musical and acting career. He has been a husband. He is the father of 3 children, Prince Michael, Paris & Blanket. He has had wonderful life experiences. He has had horrific pain. I am still a fan.

My favorites songs: "I Want You Back" "ABC" "The Love You Save" "Got to be There" "Ben" "Off the Wall" "Thriller" "Billie Jean" "Beat It" "Bad" "Man in the Mirror" "We Are the World"

How will I celebrate his birthday? Barbeque? Party? Naw, I'll just enjoy my memories and listen to his music. Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson. May you be blessed with many more.

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