Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pets on the CTA and Other things that Urk Me

I like animals. I love people. Animals should not be made to feel like they are human beings with the same rights that we have. By the same token, humans should not put themselves on the same level with animals.

I understand having to share the great outdoors with animals and bugs. I don't trip about that.
I don't want to ride in closed quarters with an animal that is not a seeing eye dog--Whether the animal is caged or not. This urks me immensely.
I once stayed in New York in a hotel that was over $250 per night. I stayed there countless times and really enjoyed myself. The last time I stayed there would be the last time I stayed there. I abruptly cut my trip short because contestants from the dog beauty pageant aka the American Kennel Show were also staying in the hotel. Everytime I got into the elevator several dogs were also riding with me--in a luxury hotel!
The worst part was when I complained to management about the presence of the dogs I was told that the dogs were paying more per night than I was! I immediately checked out and into a much more expensive hotel with a "no pets" policy.
CTA should not allow animals to ride on its buses and trains--allowing this practice would urk me and make me pissed off during my entire commute.

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