Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chris Brown and Rhianna--Don't grow up and act like Adults

Chris Brown and Rhianna please do not grow up and become the adults that you've witnessed in your homes and on television.

Public fighting, arguing and jealousy related to text messaging are great fodder for episodes of The Game, and Cops--but not for accomplished, goodlookn, rich, and famous young adults who care about each other.

Now because your fight has gone public you will both appear to be idiots if you make up--even if thats what you both want. Chris you are making it very difficult for the people who made you to continue to sell you as the "clean cut boy next door." Rhianna, you are making it hard for people to believe you to be an innocent victim. Somewhere you both learned that violence was a way to solve relational issues. You are both wrong. Perhaps this can be fixed. This might be even too big for the most talented publicists to play down.

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